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New Puppy Check List
Wisteria Village Biewer Terriers        
First, remember when you are getting a new puppy, you are taking on the responsibility of a precious life. This special little one is going to rely on you for everything and in return will love you unconditionally. Because your dog’s love is unconditional it does not mean that you are at liberty to abuse this love. Our puppies are raised lovingly and gently and we are handing them over to you with the expectation that they will receive the same from you.
1. Before you receive your puppy, find a vet.  If you have friends that own pets, ask them whom they recommend. 
2. Find a 24 hour emergency pet hospital. This is very important because puppies and dogs do not pick your vet’s business hours to get into trouble.
3. Socialize your puppy; a happy puppy and owner bond much better. Take your puppy on walks; introduce it to other dogs and people.
4. Sign up for dog training sessions. Early training will help to establish rules between your puppy and your household. It is also a very good place for your puppy to become acquainted and familiar with other dogs.
5. Keep an emergency kit for your puppy. This would include some Nutri-Cal, Childrens' Benadryl and if possible an antibiotic such as Albon.
6. Have the number to a poison control center in case you need an answer quickly and cannot reach your vet or pet hospital.
7. Always keep fresh clean water available for your puppy or dog as they drink a lot of water.
8. Remember, even though it thinks it is, you are the boss not your puppy.
9. Puppies will get into mischief no matter what; always keep a keen eye on your puppy.
10. When out walking, keep your puppy or dog on a leash, an accident can happen in the blink of an eye.
Congratulations on your new puppy. May you have years of happiness together.

“Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast,….”
Proverbs 12:10 (ESV)
Myrna Torres/Wisteria Village Biewer Terriers
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